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The Story Behind the Ornaments
When I was a child, my mother had four prized ornaments that she received as a wedding gift. To keep
us from breaking them, she would hang them on the highest branches of the tree. As a direct result of
my carelessness, my mother now has three. When I started to make my ornaments, I wanted them to be
prized possessions and made so they could hang from the highest branches. My ornaments are made
from white stoneware clay, the body is hand pinched, the sculptures on top are individually hand crafted
and painted insuring a one of a kind quality art piece that have become sought by collectors from coast
to coast. Below are some samples to give you an idea of the quality and workmanship.

20 years ago I started making and selling ornaments, with the proceeds going to non-profits. Some past
recipients have been: American Lung Association, American Cancer Association, Dana Farber,
Watershed School for Ceramic Arts, Alfred Public Library, and several others. F
or the last few years I
have been
proud to help "On Belay Inc." On Belay builds community among youth who have had a family
member with cancer, using adventure based programs that encourage participants to uncover their
inner resilience.  I'm glad to support such a worthy cause.

Ornaments can be purchased by email order
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