Master Carver
Moe with pumpkin at Doles Orchard
closeup of skill
Pumpkin Carving

I carved my first giant pumpkin 25
years ago. I teach art at a middle
school in Maine and was offered a  
giant pumpkin to carve with the kids.
All I had to do was go get it. I got my
neighbor and my brothers together
and went to get what turned out to be
a 600 lb. pumpkin! We got it to the
school and the next day I started to
carve it. It took the better part of the
day but I was hooked. I love carving
these things! As you can see, I
usually carve faces. I can be found on
weekends from September to the end
festivals throughout New England. I
also do carvings for restaurants or
private Halloween displays. I usually
get $100 for a carving! You provide
the pumpkin. I also have several
growers that I can get my pumpkins
from and they deliver!

This whimsical pumpkin was carved at Doles
Orchard, Limington, Maine
tongue sticking out pumpkin
carving step one

The shape of the
pumpkin dictates the
design that is created.
The shape is used to
determine the key
pumpkin carving step 2

The design is created
taking the shape of
the pumpkin into
carving step three

The character of the
pumpkin develops as
the artist chisels
away at the meat of
the pumpkin.
almost finished pumpkin

This pumpkin carving is
not finished. It takes
several hours to carve
a pumpkin of this size. The
type of pumpkin also
makes a difference. Some
surfaces are more difficult
to carve then others.
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