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Window Painting
Dark Background whole oak tree painting
Winter Oak 3 panel
Cow Island Birches
Apple Tree in Winter
Winter oak over bed
Pine Tree over dining room table
Pine on fhe rock
Winter Apple
Winter oak in room
Pine with table
Pine on the rock
Acadia Pine
  Birches Over Water
Horse Chestnut 7
panel painting
Left panel
Center Panel
Crooked Pine
Top Panel Crooked Pine
Right Panel Crooked Pine
Bottom Panel Crooked Pine
Crooked Pine 4
panel painting
Top Panel
Right Panel
Bottom Panel
Spring Maple
Middle Panel Spring Maple
Right Panel Spring Maple
Bottom Panel Spring Maple Sap Bucket
Spring Maple 5
panel painting
Middle Panels
Right Panel
Bottom Panel
Auger's Landing
Rockwall Woods Scene
Rockwall Scene
Winter in the Woods
Auger's Landing 3
Rockwall Woods
Scene 11 panels
Rockwall Woods
Scene 11 panels
Winter in the
Woods 4 panel
Birch Trunk
Crooked Pine
Tree in the field