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Flower Series Watercolor Paintings
The Story
Behind the
Tree Paintings

When I was a young man, we
would go to camp on Sundays. I
would shinny up a 30’ pine tree
and climb up into the branches,
looking out over my yard
kingdom. In the spring, we would
swing birches, in the fall we
would climb apple trees to get at
the choicest fruit. Building tree
houses was a summer passion. I
never thought about the danger
and will never forget how it felt to
be up above the rest. This is my
passion for trees and the basis
for my tree series. I wanted to
express the feeling of climbing
high up into the tree, the inviting
branches waiting for that tree
house or just hanging out above
it all.
My watercolor paintings are
made in sections. I call them
composite paintings and see
them as both sculpture and
painting. I hope when you see
the work, you will remember your
own experiences with your trees.

If you have a favorite tree, tell me
your story, and let me paint one
for you. Price will vary depending
on size, number of pieces and
type of tree.
The Story
Behind the

My love for watercolor started 30
years ago. I like to paint places I
know and many of my paintings are
of places I have been to in Maine.
For the past five years I have been
painting "Windows" that belong to
friends and neighbors. I also enjoy
thinking about the people who live
in these homes. Each time I finish a
window thinking it's my last, I find
another window that I want to
create a painting of!

All paintings come matted. I also
make custom frames for them upon
request. Prices range from $200 to
The Story
Behind the

One of my favorites spring and
summer moments is taking my
morning coffee and strolling
through the flower gardens,
looking to see what’s new.
Sometimes it’s obvious and
stands tall and majestic and
other times it’s up to the
observer to sort through the
busyness and find that moment.
Georgia O’Keeffe wanted the
observer to notice the things
that were not so obvious at first
glance. I’m often asked, “why
the black lines?” Some see it as
though looking through a
window. I believe the lines
isolate the parts of the painting,
inviting the viewer to see the
whole as well as the individual
moments of the painting. I invite
you to take a close look and
find your moment as you look
forward to the upcoming spring!

Flower Paintings are $400